How to get rid of a chemical that kills you

A chemical used in cosmetics, cleaning products and cosmetics-related products can cause cancer, according to the World Health Organisation.A team of international scientists and toxicologists have discovered the chemical, nasi, can cause DNA damage, chromosomal damage and DNA replication.Nasi is found in most household products, but has also been detected in some cosmetics.Nasi has been […]

Why you should not use salt as a pesticide

Chemical grad students can’t keep up with the new and exciting chemical world that is chemical engineering.That’s because the chemicals that are now being created are not safe for human use.A recent survey of more than 2,000 chemical grad students from around the world found that most of them had not read the latest safety […]

How lime chemistry and chemistry students can use chemistry to help us live healthier lives

Chemical peel is a type of peel, or chemical, which is used to create a protective film or coating on the surface of a substance.When used to protect a substance, the peel can help seal it away from the elements and prevent it from spoiling.Chemicals like lime, lime acid, lime soda and lime citrate are […]

How to find out what chemicals are toxic in your body

The chemical reaction definition (CDR) allows scientists to determine the specific effects of chemicals on a body.The new system, called a molecular-level metabolomics database, allows scientists around the world to test and understand how chemicals interact in the body.The data generated by this database could help doctors better understand how certain types of diseases are […]

How to protect your children from chemical dependency

Scientists from the University of Manchester have discovered a chemical dependency on sedimentary rock.They have found the chemical dependence occurs when a chemical can be present in different concentrations, which leads to a different chemical response from its normal level.This is an important insight, and the research could lead to new treatments for chemical dependency.The […]

When chemicals come in the bottle

Chemical peel and ammonia are both important ingredients in cooking.But are they equally important for chemical decomposition?According to the Food and Drug Administration, ammonium chloride (ammonium hydroxide) and potassium chloride (potassium hydroxides) are “generally recognized as safe in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses” when used appropriately.Ammonium nitrate […]


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