How lime chemistry and chemistry students can use chemistry to help us live healthier lives

Chemical peel is a type of peel, or chemical, which is used to create a protective film or coating on the surface of a substance.When used to protect a substance, the peel can help seal it away from the elements and prevent it from spoiling.Chemicals like lime, lime acid, lime soda and lime citrate are […]

Which of the two explosions is the more important?

Chemical explosions are a growing and increasingly frequent threat to ecosystems around the world, but the two major ones that scientists are tracking are the two main ones responsible for the chemical decomposition of organic matter, a phenomenon that has already resulted in the loss of thousands of species and threatens the health of billions […]

What is chemical digestion?

Chemicals that are digested by microbes can be used to make biofuels, medicines and other useful products.Chemical digestion is the process by which the nutrients of a plant are converted to energy through chemical reactions.In this article, we will learn about how the enzymes of plants, which produce a chemical compound called dioxygen, are converted […]

How to protect your children from chemical dependency

Scientists from the University of Manchester have discovered a chemical dependency on sedimentary rock.They have found the chemical dependence occurs when a chemical can be present in different concentrations, which leads to a different chemical response from its normal level.This is an important insight, and the research could lead to new treatments for chemical dependency.The […]

Chemicals found in sediments in Chile have found their way into Chilean aquifers

Chilean authorities have detected a chemical called acetone that has been used in cement making for hundreds of years, according to the head of the National Commission for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources (CNPER), the country’s environment agency.The chemical, which was discovered on July 11 in a small cave near the Chilean […]

How to use a chemical compound as a catalyst to make your own chemical rocks

Chemical compounds have become increasingly popular as a means of manufacturing materials.But how do you make a chemical rock that has all the desired properties, without breaking the bank?A new book, Chemical Rocks: The New Art of Making Chemical Rocks, by scientists at MIT, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University at Buffalo, provides a […]

More evidence of chemical-rich rocks buried deep in Earth’s mantle

Chemicals found in sedimentary rock that once covered Earth’s surface have been identified in a study that indicates there may be a lot of them buried deep underground.A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience shows chemical-bearing rocks from the mantle are present in the surface of Mars’ Gale Crater, a feature that contains water, […]


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