PDP-PECW: PDP wins PECW nomination for ‘pioneer’ gas field

New Delhi: The National Democratic Front (NDF) on Friday said it had won the nomination for the Pecos Gas field to be developed by Indian Petroleum Corporation (IPC) for its proposed gas pipeline from Maharashtra to Gujarat.The NDF had won a majority of the votes in the Central Committee of the PECAW national convention on […]

When to be a skeptic and when to be an optimist

Posted by ken-michael on Friday, January 06, 2019 05:26:02 If you have read my previous post about how to become a better skeptic, you know that I have been skeptical for a while now.I was just as skeptical as I am now about all things scientific.I still am, but not by much.I’ve recently become more […]

Why is it so hard to get Canadian chemists to work on the new chemical burn treatments?

A chemical burn is an attack on an animal’s skin, resulting in burns that can cause significant injury.It is an important area of research for scientists working in chemical engineering.But the process has not yet been applied to humans.The Canadian Chemical Society, however, has launched a project to study the chemical burn process.The Society’s new […]

Dow Chemical workers face ‘dissatisfaction, fear’ over pay raises

The Dow Chemical company said Thursday it is raising pay and laying off employees amid reports that the company has been secretly rigging the market for its products.The company announced the pay increases and layoff changes in a press release, saying that “we have taken immediate action to ensure our employees and their families have […]

How to protect your health when you are exposed to chemicals

When you use a chemical product, you are ingesting chemicals that have the potential to harm your health, including harmful chemicals used in cosmetics and cosmetics manufacturing, according to the National Institutes of Health.This is why companies must be very careful when using chemicals, said John C. Pérez, an associate professor of chemistry at UC […]


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