How to use Dow Chemical’s Dow Chemicals to help fight the Ebola virus

A US chemical firm says it has developed a new product that can help combat the Ebola outbreak.The Dow Chemical Co said it had created a “pre-antibiotic” pill that could be administered to anyone suffering from an Ebola infection.The product has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the […]

Which chemicals are responsible for the decline of the lead-poisoning crisis?

Scientists have found that lead-based paints have a corrosive effect on the bodies of children, but the chemical composition of these paint can also cause damage to the brain.In a new study, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and the University Of Illinois at Chicago found that the neurotoxic chemicals in paint are made […]

What is Gasoline Chemical Formula?

A chemical formula is a way of describing the properties of a substance.Gasoline chemical formulas contain the name of a compound or a number and an amount of energy.The formula is often followed by a symbol.Gasolino: 1 mole of oxygen (mole) x 1 mole hydrogen (H) x 5moles of hydrogen per mole of carbon (cmH) […]

Why do so many Americans drink so much alcohol?

Nearly 40% of Americans are drinking alcohol and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the amount of alcohol consumed by adults in the United States is on the rise.While alcohol consumption is generally associated with physical and mental health, it is also a source of social problems.A recent Gallup poll found that […]

How to chemically straighten your hair

When we have our hair chemically straightened, we are able to achieve the chemical straightening process by applying a chemical solution.Chemical hair straightening is the process of chemically stripping your hair of its natural oils and hair fibers to create a more natural looking, softer, longer-lasting look.While chemical hair straighteners have been around for years, […]

When it comes to chemical-based cosmetics, chemical-free is a buzzword

By now you’re probably familiar with the hype surrounding chemical-less products.Companies like Botox, Body Lotion, and more are making headlines by selling products that claim to be less toxic than regular cosmetics.But a new report from the Environmental Working Group reveals that some of these claims aren’t necessarily accurate.Here’s how the EWG determined that some […]

How to make acetone: How to mix chemicals, molecules, and solvents

The process of creating a compound, including the synthesis of the chemical elements in compounds, is known as “synthesis.”Synthesis is typically carried out using a mixture of solvent (e.g., acetone) and solvent (e,g., water).However, in some instances, a mixture may also be made by mixing a mixture with a gas (e., propane).A solvent is a […]

Which Chemical Products are Actually Hazardous?

Chemical products can be hazardous.Chemical compounds, including chemicals used in plastics, are not.Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right one.1.The most common chemical in your home is petroleum-based solvents.It is commonly used in household cleaning products, industrial cleaners, automotive lubricants, and some household cleaners and household detergents.2.The more common chemical is […]

How lime chemistry and chemistry students can use chemistry to help us live healthier lives

Chemical peel is a type of peel, or chemical, which is used to create a protective film or coating on the surface of a substance.When used to protect a substance, the peel can help seal it away from the elements and prevent it from spoiling.Chemicals like lime, lime acid, lime soda and lime citrate are […]


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