How to fix fructose and sugar’s chemical formula

It’s not just that fructose and sweeteners are chemically different.The two chemicals also have different structures.The basic formula of fructose is a simple one, consisting of two sugars: fructose and glucose.But the two molecules also have a complex structure, with a sugar called fructose-6 and a glucose-3 sugar called glucose-6.The sugar-6 sugar can bind to […]

When the Eastman Chemical Company bought the patent on the COVID-19 vaccine

Posted October 20, 2018 08:15:02 Eastman announced last month that it has acquired the patent covering the COV-19 vaccination that is currently the gold standard for the world’s public health community.The acquisition of the patent by Eastman means that the vaccine, which was first developed in 1984 and has been available for use in the […]

Chemicals are like a chemical spectrum—the more you understand about them, the better you can understand the problem

Chemicals play a critical role in our daily lives.We use them for everything from making plastics to powering our appliances.And their effects on the environment are well known.But what about what chemicals we might be ingesting?How can we safely dispose of the chemicals we ingest?There are different kinds of chemical waste: contaminants like pesticides and […]

Which of the two explosions is the more important?

Chemical explosions are a growing and increasingly frequent threat to ecosystems around the world, but the two major ones that scientists are tracking are the two main ones responsible for the chemical decomposition of organic matter, a phenomenon that has already resulted in the loss of thousands of species and threatens the health of billions […]

5-year-old girl dies after eating lime chemical

A 5-month-old boy who was diagnosed with chemical pneumonia has died in the hospital after ingesting a chemical used in the production of the product he ate, the Boy Scouts of America said.In a statement Saturday, the organization said the child’s death is being investigated.The Boy Scouts said in a statement that the organization was […]

Arsenal 4-0 Liverpool: ‘I was a bit surprised’

Arsene Wenger has revealed the Arsenal side he had his players sign up for in the January transfer window, but he had them all in a hurry to get on the plane.The Frenchman explained that his players signed up for a two-week training camp at the beginning of January to get fit and to get […]

Chemical restraint in a crisis

The United States has a history of chemical weapons attacks on civilians, including the first such attack against the Iraqi people in 1967.Now, as a crisis involving a chemical weapon attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah looms, many U.S. officials have become more willing to confront the issue.The Associated Press interviewed a dozen current […]

How much methane can you burn from a single tank of gas?

It may not be as simple as the headline, but you can burn more gas than you can produce with just one tank of natural gas.That’s according to a new report from GasBuddy, which analyzed the gas in more than 300 gas wells in the United States, the world’s largest oil producer.The gas analysis was […]

When Chemicals and Gas Are Made, It’s Time to Go to the Movies

Chemicals are not the only things that can make movies: chemical reactions can be made too.That’s what’s happening with the movie-making process.In the past decade, movie production has grown exponentially, with the rise of digital production and distribution platforms.That has led to a new wave of movies being made, some of which are even being […]


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