How to keep your pets safe after the flu: Get your vet’s advice

An easy way to keep pets safe during the flu season is to keep their food and water cold, a new CDC report says.

A survey conducted by the National Veterinary Medical Association found that 75 percent of vets told pet owners to keep cold foods and water chilled and a similar percentage said they would recommend limiting their pets’ activity during the pandemic.

While the report doesn’t address the potential effects of keeping pets in the cold, it says keeping a pet outside in a room with other pets can help reduce the chance of them getting sick.

The most important advice veterinarians can give their patients is to limit outdoor activities and activities outside, the report says, citing a 2012 survey.

“Keeping your pet in a cold, dry, and secure environment, while still being as hydrated as possible, can help minimize the risk of illness and reduce the number of sick pets,” the report said.

As the pandemics continue to sweep through the country, veterinarians are urging pet owners not to limit their pets, particularly if they live in areas where the virus is spreading.

According to the CDC, pet owners should: Limit outdoor activities that could potentially be infectious, such as swimming, diving, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, or horseback jumping.

If pets are not getting enough water, limit their activity and avoid water sports.

If your pet is still in a warm environment, be sure to limit the amount of outdoor time they spend outside.

A recent study found that pet owners who keep their pets indoors in warm climates were more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and pneumonia, but not from heat stroke.

Warm environments can be a good place to keep a pet warm, but don’t put too much effort into it.

Dieting and exercise are best practices when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. 

The CDC’s advice to pet owners is to focus on the healthiest and least risky food and fluids and to limit pet activity.

This article was originally published by NBC News.


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