When it comes to chemical-based cosmetics, chemical-free is a buzzword

By now you’re probably familiar with the hype surrounding chemical-less products.

Companies like Botox, Body Lotion, and more are making headlines by selling products that claim to be less toxic than regular cosmetics.

But a new report from the Environmental Working Group reveals that some of these claims aren’t necessarily accurate.

Here’s how the EWG determined that some chemical-containing products contain toxic ingredients: In its 2014 report, EWG found that the amount of chemicals in many of the products reviewed was much higher than what the EWGs tests found in consumer products.

The EWG said that products in the EWGS’s list of “most hazardous chemicals” listed the following: “ethyl alcohol, ethylbenzene, ethylene glycol, ethyltricyl, ethoxyquin, ethoxylated hydroxybenzyl, methylbenzynyl ketone, methylene chloride, methoxyquinone, nitroglycerin, octyl benzoate, octyldodecanol, polyethylene glycols, polypropylene glycerin, propylene glyceryl, and sodium hydroxide.”

EWG also said that “at least 1% of products in EWG’s list tested positive for more than 2 ingredients.

And at least 2% of EWG-listed chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects in animals, including: methylene glycosaminoglycans, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and polyethylenetetrazolium chloride.”

EWg also pointed out that “many of the most common ingredients are not commonly found in cosmetics,” and that “products containing these ingredients have been found to be significantly more toxic than comparable products without the ingredients.”

In addition, EWg found that some chemicals are “highly likely” to have adverse health consequences, including benzene, which can be found in some products, and triclosan, which is found in a few.

EWG noted that it found that “the number of chemicals tested in consumer and environmental products was consistent across EWG reports and analyses of EWGs chemical lists.”

EWVG’s analysis was also consistent with EWG.

EWVg’s findings are similar to EWG, finding that at least 6 chemicals have not been found in many products.

But EWV, based on its own testing, found that these chemicals could cause adverse health impacts.

In fact, EWV found that at a rate of 10% in EWV’s tests, more than half of the chemicals EWV tested contained significant levels of toxic chemicals.

EWVA also found that many of these products were also highly likely to contain toxic substances, including a wide range of heavy metals, which are “highly toxic and can cause serious side effects in laboratory animals.” 

For example, EWVA’s analysis found that: “methanol, methylisopropyl alcohol, acetone, hydrochloric acid, ethol, butyl acetate, hexane, and propylene oxide are all commonly found on some cosmetic products that EWG tests are high in.”

EWVA reported that “these products can be toxic in animal models, where they are highly toxic, and in people.

They can also cause toxic effects in humans.”

EWVC’s report found that in some cases, “the EWV chemicals can lead to a range of toxic side effects.”

In fact (in EWVCs “Chemical Safety Analysis” section), EWVC noted that some products contain:  “methylene chloride (commonly found in cosmetic products) and benzene.” 

The EWVC report also noted that these ingredients “are highly toxic and have been associated with human health impacts.” 

“Benzene, for example, is a known carcinogen that can cause cancers in humans,” EWVC wrote.

“Benzene is also known to be a potent estrogen and can lead the body to become pregnant.

Other chemicals that EWV lists in the product may also have health impacts, including phenols, which may increase the risk of breast cancer.”

EWVEV’s report also found “polyethylene, a component of hair styling products and detergents.”

EWVI reported that polyethylenes are “found in many fragrances, and are often added to perfumes to create fragrantly synthetic scents.” 

And EWV said that: “in some cases” “p-hydroxybenzoate (a commonly found preservative) is found on many products.” 

EWVI noted that “p-aminobenzoate is also a known endocrine disruptor.”

EWVM found that “a number of ingredients found in the majority of EWV products” contain “a range of potentially hazardous ingredients” and that many have “an adverse health impact.” 

In fact, in EWVM’s findings, EWVC notes that “a wide range” of ingredients “have been found at


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