The new nuke: What you need to know about the new nukes

Wired’s Andrew Sullivan reported on a new company called Nova Chemicals, which is developing a new chemical formula for use in solar-powered batteries, solar panels, solar-energy-storage systems, solar cell panels, and more.

The company says its formula will be more efficient than existing ones, but there’s no word on how much that will actually mean in practice.

A company spokesperson told Wired that Nova Chemists’ formula will not have a commercial application.

However, according to the company’s website, Nova Chem’s formula can be applied to all the major chemical compositions and will “support the synthesis of high-efficiency and robust materials in a variety of applications.”

The company’s formulation is based on “the highly selective and complex hydroxyalkyl groups that are found in some natural alkaloids.”

This is what allows a chemical compound to be “fully active without the need for any chemical modification,” according to a press release.

For example, “a new type of chemical reaction will be created when an acid is added to the mixture.”

But there’s also a caveat: the formula must not contain “the high concentrations of heavy metals and other toxic compounds that have been identified in other chemical formulas.”

The statement went on to say that Nova’s formula will work with “any solvent,” which could potentially lead to the creation of “heavy metals compounds.”

In addition to the high-capacity batteries, Nova has plans to use the formula to make solar-power cells.

“Nova Chemicals will use our patented formula to provide a new form of battery that can power large-scale, energy-saving solar-electric systems,” the company said.

This is a major step for the company, which was founded by former Stanford University professor David Krantz.

But it’s unclear how it will actually be used.

For one thing, it’s hard to say how efficient the Nova formula will actually work in the real world.

The formula was first proposed back in 2013.

But the company has since released only a few details on how it works, including that it works by “simulating the reaction between an alkaloid and a solvate,” and that the reaction will take about a minute.

So there’s still a lot of room for speculation about what this new formula will do.

For now, though, there are no other details available.


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