How to fix fructose and sugar’s chemical formula

It’s not just that fructose and sweeteners are chemically different.

The two chemicals also have different structures.

The basic formula of fructose is a simple one, consisting of two sugars: fructose and glucose.

But the two molecules also have a complex structure, with a sugar called fructose-6 and a glucose-3 sugar called glucose-6.

The sugar-6 sugar can bind to other sugars and form a complex, often called “glycolytic,” sugar complex.

The sugars in the glycolysis complex can be broken down into glucose and fructose by a process called acetylation, and they can be used as fuel in a variety of processes, including as a source of energy.

A single fructose molecule is the smallest molecule that can bind sugar-2 to the molecule of glucose-1, making the two sugars the same size.

The same molecule is not required to bind to the same amount of sugar-1.

The small size of the fructose molecule also means that it can easily be broken up into smaller molecules, making them less efficient for energy production.

The other problem is that the fructose complex can make itself more acidic than the glucose-2 complex, so the sugar-3 complex has less of a tendency to be acidic.

The fructose-2-6 complex can also break down more easily, but its acidic side has a lower energy content than the sugar 1-6-3-4 complex.

As a result, it can take longer for the fructose-3 to become fully degraded and use less energy.

The solution: a new molecule that combines the fructose and the sugar in the same molecule, called the fructose acetate.

Researchers have now been able to create a molecule that is able to combine fructose and two of the sugar complexes.

The new molecule, which is called fructose acetates, has a slightly different structure than the fructose used in the previous version of the molecule.

The team used a combination of genetic engineering and biochemical modeling to create the new molecule.

“This molecule is very unique, and it is very fast in its reaction,” says Paula Bijl, a professor of pharmacology and molecular biology at the University of Pennsylvania and a lead author of a study describing the new drug.

“It can rapidly turn into a new sugar molecule and turn it into an entirely new sugar complex.”

The team hopes that this new molecule can be tested in humans in the coming years to see if it can replace the existing fructose-1-2 compound in the bloodstream.

This is important because fructose-containing drugs are typically used to treat people with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, which can also affect fructose metabolism.

The researchers say the new compound could be a boon for people with these conditions because they don’t have the same metabolic issues as people with diabetes or hypertension.

It also could help people with other metabolic conditions, including obesity.

The study was published online March 16 in Science.


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