When you need a new chemical to make a buck, Dow Chemical is your best bet

Dow Chemical (DOW) has been in the news lately for a number of reasons.

Its shares are currently trading at $46.50 a share.

Its stock is up more than 20% over the last month.

It recently announced plans to spend $300 million on research and development.

But, as a result of the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan, Dow is reportedly preparing to raise $3 billion in a funding round.

It’s a good time to look at Dow Chemical’s stock.

Its value is down by nearly $5,000 over the past month.

That’s down to about $36.50 per share, according to FactSet.

Dow’s stock price is also down about 25% from its all-time high in late September, when the company raised $6.9 billion.

Dow is still trading at a high, but its price has fallen about 30% since September.

Dow currently trades at a discount to its peers, which include BASF (BASF.DE), Chevron (CVX.

N), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.


This means that Dow’s shares are trading at far below their historical value.

Dow Chemical also faces some major challenges.

Its chemical business is in a downward spiral.

Its most recent quarterly earnings report showed that it made a net loss of $2.7 billion.

That was down from $9.7 in the previous quarter, and the company still faces a $3.5 billion deficit in its budget.

If the company’s revenue falls below its revenue projections, the company could be forced to lay off workers.

Dow Chemical also is in the midst of a massive restructuring effort.

The company plans to cut about 3,500 employees.

Dow also plans to reduce its workforce by nearly 10,000 employees, a move that would make it the second-largest chemical company in the world.

Its CEO, Andrew Liveris, recently announced a plan to eliminate 1,300 jobs, a massive shift that will take effect in the coming weeks.

Dow has also announced plans for a $30 billion merger with BASF, which could be a boon for the company.

Investors also are worried about the company because of the Flint water crisis.

There has been a major increase in the number of people suffering from Legionnaires’ disease, or Legionnaires disease, since the crisis began.

In response to the increase in cases, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing warnings about the disease.

The company is also dealing with a massive legal battle with the state of Michigan over the company and its operations.

Dow and its parent, Dow Chemicals, have faced multiple lawsuits in the past, which have resulted in several years of fines and settlements.

In 2018, Dow paid nearly $1 billion to settle a lawsuit in which the company admitted to contaminating drinking water with lead, which led to the deaths of two people.

In November 2018, the state announced that it had agreed to pay $4 billion to $5 billion to compensate people who were affected by the contamination.

Dow Chemists, which was formed in 1972, is a joint venture between Dow Chemical and BASF.

It owns Dow Chemical products, such as polysorbate 80, a popular solvent used in paint and other manufacturing processes.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Dow said the Flint disaster was the “single most significant event in our history,” and that it would be “a great shame” if it ever had to face a similar crisis.

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