When U.S. Chemical Weapons Are Used, That’s Why, the Chemical Weapons Convention

article By JEFFREY P. SCHULZE, Associated PressChemical weapons are a recurring theme in American politics.

In the wake of the war in Iraq, Republicans and Democrats alike have blamed Saddam Hussein for the use of chemical weapons.

But it’s not just Republicans and their political allies who have long been on the wrong side of the debate over chemical weapons: Many scientists, diplomats and former diplomats say they worry that the Trump administration will not only use chemical weapons again but will even escalate the conflict by targeting civilians.

There are some signs that Trump and his advisers have taken that risk.

A senior Trump administration official told reporters Thursday that the United States would consider using the so-called “deterrent” to try to persuade other nations to take steps to curb the use and proliferation of chemical agents.

This official declined to comment on the details of the plan.

It is unclear if Trump, who was elected in part because of his promises to secure the United Kingdom’s borders, will use the threat of using chemical weapons in the future.

The United States has never used chemical weapons against its own citizens, and the use in Iraq and Syria was condemned by the international community.

Last week, Trump announced a $1.9 billion plan to bolster the United Nations’ chemical weapons watchdog.

Trump also called for the deployment of a powerful U.N. missile defense system to protect the United State and allies from a possible U.G. attack.

“The use of a chemical weapon against a civilian population is intolerable and it cannot be tolerated,” Trump said.

Chemical Weapons Convention is an international treaty that has been in force since 1953.

Its provisions allow for the international use of “lethal weapons,” which includes chemical weapons but does not include conventional weapons such as artillery shells or cruise missiles.

Under the convention, chemical weapons are defined as those that are designed to cause death or injury to a civilian group, and can cause “an immediate and irreparable injury to its civilian population.”

The United Nations estimates that nearly 90 percent of all chemical weapons used since World War II have been deployed in the conflict in Syria.

The U.K. government estimates there are between 100 and 300,000 casualties per year from Syrian chemical attacks.

Many countries have already adopted stricter chemical weapons regulations, and more have been looking at new or revised versions of the convention to try and protect civilians, said John R. Riedl, a former top U.A.E. weapons inspector who was a deputy secretary general for chemical weapons and is now a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Some countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Russia, have even moved to impose tougher chemical weapons restrictions.

According to Riedt, most countries have yet to adopt a specific set of measures for dealing with the use, storage and transfer of chemical arms.

For example, he said, “the U.P.S., the UN and the U.M.K., which has been the leader in international cooperation on chemical weapons for the past two decades, have not yet adopted the principle of no-go zones and, in fact, are considering this as an option.”

But Trump has said he will not use chemical attacks as a bargaining chip with other nations.

One person familiar with the thinking in the Trump White House said Trump is not seeking a deal with any other nation, including Russia, that would impose sanctions on Russia for its use of such weapons.

“I think he is a pragmatic guy who wants to get his own house in order,” the person said.

“He wants to avoid a costly conflict with Russia, and he is not interested in having a deal that would involve any other country.”

The administration has not made a clear case to the international public about the need for such a deal, said this person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations.

However, the person added, Trump does not want to be seen to be a hostage to the other side.

He wants a deal and is not afraid of losing a deal.

With so many countries now seeking to impose more stringent rules, there is more pressure on the United Sates leadership to make sure its chemical weapons program is not used for purposes of warfare, the former official said.


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