Aspirin is being used to help treat the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

Chemical Guys has announced that they have developed a new painkiller to help people with post-treatments from traumatic events and depression.

The new product is called Aspirine and has been developed by a UK-based company called Chemical Guys, who have been working with people in the military for decades.

In the UK, Aspirus is being made available to troops who are returning from Afghanistan or Iraq, as well as those who have suffered from post-partum depression, as part of their PTSD treatment.

In a statement on their website, Chemical Guys said:”We have a long history of delivering high quality pharmaceuticals to our troops in the UK and we are very proud to be the first company to produce this brand new painkilling drug.”

The new pain killer is currently only available to the military, and the company said it is currently working with vets and doctors who are treating PTSD and depression to develop a wider range of options for the civilian market.

The company said that their product is designed to be taken by the patient to help them sleep and to help ease anxiety.

However, they have also published a video on YouTube in which they describe the experience of taking the drug, which you can watch below.

The product was developed by Chemical Guys UK, who are based in Kent, and has already been tested on military members and vets.

The brand new drug was tested on soldiers who suffered from PTSD and have been using the drug for at least two years, and vets who have used the drug in the past.

The soldiers and vets have used Aspirines daily for four months to treat post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, as a result of the drug’s ability to ease anxiety and depression, and to aid the body’s natural healing process.

“We know the pain and stress of the war are hard, but we can help with that too,” the Chemical Guys spokesperson said in the statement.

“Aspirine is the perfect drug to help with PTSD, and we want to help all of our soldiers to feel comfortable, calm and confident again.”

To our vets and to our patients, we are so proud to have created a new and innovative product.

“The company has also released a video which shows the effects of taking Aspiri on vets and their patients, which can be seen below.

Chemical Guys have also said that Aspirini can be taken as a single dose, or a two-dose combination, which has been tested in veterans and vets and found to be effective.”

We want to make sure that our patients can enjoy the benefits of Aspiria as they continue to benefit from their treatment.””

The first batch of the medicine is ready for testing to determine the safety and efficacy of the product.

We want to make sure that our patients can enjoy the benefits of Aspiria as they continue to benefit from their treatment.”

The UK-focused company said they are working with doctors and vets to develop more options for civilian users.

“Aspirin offers relief from post traumatic stress disorder, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), anxiety and panic disorder,” the statement reads.

“It also has the potential to reduce the symptoms and side effects of chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, as its combination of cannabinoids and peptides make it a safe and effective treatment option.”

Chemical Guys are working closely with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to develop this new drug.

The UK government is currently investing in a programme called Phase 2 trials for the drug.

“The Royal Navy will continue to work with us and the Royal Air Forces in support of Phase 2 clinical trials, which are in their early stages,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re very grateful to the Royal Marines for their support and the support of the British government.”

The brand’s latest drug, OxyContin, is being tested in the United States as well.


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